DataOceans & The Innovate Companies Partner for Compliance in Auto Finance

DataOceans & The Innovate Companies Partner for Compliance in Auto Finance

[ALPHARETTA, Georgia, 16 November 2023] — DataOceans, a leader in Customer Communications Management (CCM) solutions and The Innovate Companies, a dynamic player in the auto finance marketplace, have joined forces to revolutionize the way finance organizations communicate with consumers and their customers. This partnership marks a strategic move by The Innovate Companies to streamline its regulatory compliance processes and enhance customer experience (CX) while setting new benchmarks in the sector. 

Since its inception in 2009, The Innovate Companies has stood tall as a trusted partner in the auto finance sector. With a wide-reaching presence, they offer end-to-end origination and servicing platforms for consumer auto loans and leases. Their clientele includes investors, banks, credit unions, finance companies, and auto dealerships, making them a formidable force in the auto finance industry across the United States. 

DataOceans' compliance solution will expedite and enhance The Innovate Companies' compliance with its regulatory compliance obligations by reducing the time and effort required to create and deliver compliant consumer and customer communications. This not only reduces risk but also ensures compliance with evolving regulatory mandates, a critical aspect in the financial services industry. Robust audit trails and reporting features are also available to simplify audit responses, empowering the organization to effectively demonstrate compliance. 

A comment from Lawrence Buckley, Senior Vice President of Business Development at DataOceans, highlights the value of this partnership: “The Innovate Companies have set ambitious goals, and DataOceans is proud to stand by them in their pursuit. We’re looking forward to transforming the way the organization manages its regulatory customer communications - from keeping up with federal and state regulations, including those by the CFPB, to automating workflows. This partnership presents an exciting opportunity to make meaningful contributions to the organization's continued success, and we eagerly anticipate a productive and mutually beneficial journey ahead!” 

A comment from Stephen Seidel, a representative of The Innovate Companies, really sums up their aspirations: "We at The Innovate Companies are excited to be working with DataOceans to improve our Customer Experience and visibility into all compliance and regulatory letters. This will help us take the next steps in simplifying account-level transactions and communications and eventually our compliance and audit activities." 

This partnership truly embodies DataOceans' mission to provide innovative solutions that help financial services organizations thrive in a constantly changing regulatory landscape.  


About The Innovate Companies 

Since 2009 The Innovate Companies has remained committed to providing excellent service to our clients and customers in the auto finance marketplace. We provide end-to-end origination and servicing platforms for consumer auto loans and leases encompassing the entire credit spectrum. Through our three branded business lines, The Innovate Companies offers originations, servicing, backup servicing, bulk portfolio acquisitions, and asset remarketing services. The Innovate Companies' clients include investors, banks, credit unions, finance companies, and auto dealerships across the United States.  Visit to learn more