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DataOceans and Matrix Imaging Solutions Form Strategic Partnership

DataOceans and Matrix Imaging Solutions Form Strategic Partnership

[ALPHARETTA, Georgia, 19 December 2023] — DataOceans, a leading Customer Communications Management (CCM) solutions provider, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Matrix Imaging Solutions, a renowned full-service printer and mailer. This partnership provides clients with a unique, secure and robust solution that offers clients a self-service environment that puts them in the driver’s seat to make any necessary changes—including additions and deletions—across all channels.   

Matrix Imaging Solution's operational expertise and efficiency in print and mail services align seamlessly with DataOceans' commitment to delivering customer communications optimally in highly regulated environments. The partnership will also enable Matrix Imaging Solutions to leverage DataOceans’ intuitive self-service content management abilities. This means the organization’s clients can now easily make content updates to highly regulated customer correspondence, as well as incorporate personalized offers within their statements. This partnership not only saves our mutual clients time and money but also gives them greater flexibility. 

"We are excited to collaborate with Matrix Imaging Solutions, a company known for its dedication to quality and customer satisfaction," said Lee Nagel, Chief Client Officer at DataOceans. "This partnership allows us to offer a holistic suite of services, significantly improving our clients’ ability to communicate effectively with their customers through multiple channels."  

Together, both organizations will provide clients with an unparalleled customer communications management solution that optimizes the balance between digital and print communication channels.   

"Matrix Imaging Solutions has been a reliable source of essential customer communications for over three decades. In a landscape where numerous print service providers have faced serious security and financial issues, Matrix has consistently demonstrated stability," stated Brian Snyder, Matrix Chief Sales Officer. "In our commitment to augment our service offerings and provide our clients with enhanced autonomy in their document management, we have established a strategic alliance with DataOceans. This partnership allows our clients to securely and flexibly manage their statement or letter content, tailoring it for more impactful transactional and marketing communications."  

The strategic alliance between DataOceans and Matrix Imaging Solutions comes at a pivotal time for the customer communications industry, addressing the evolving needs of clients in an increasingly competitive and highly regulated landscape. By combining their respective strengths, DataOceans and Matrix Imaging Solutions are poised to meet the growing demand for robust digital and print communication solutions.  

For more information about the strategic partnership between DataOceans and Matrix Imaging Solutions or to inquire about their comprehensive suite of services, please contact Lee Nagel: lnagel@dataoceans.com.  


About Matrix Imaging Solutions 

Matrix Imaging Solutions is a full-service, customer communications partner offering transactional print and mail, and e-solutions through a variety of omnichannel delivery methods. For more than 35 years, Matrix has been a leading outsourced provider of transactional communications across a variety of verticals. Matrix’s reputation for excellence is based upon creative solutions and long-term investment in our clients’ success. For more information visit matriximaging.com.