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The Perfect Storm to Outsource Print

The Perfect Storm to Outsource Print

ATLANTA, GA – October 11, 2017

As a CCM hosted managed service provider, DataOceans works with its clients to optimize their CCM workflow, including outsourced or in-house print environments. When considering whether to outsource print from an in-plant facility, there are many factors that may tip the scales in one direction or the other. It is important to evaluate advantages and risks of outsourcing, and the first step is understanding what criteria you should analyze.

In an October 9th article on InsuranceThoughtLeadership.com, Gina Ferrara identified 6 variables that could tip the scale in favor of outsourcing print operations. Gina’s article, “Is it Time to Outsource Printing?” walks through several equipment, technology, and market-driven factors that may combine into the perfect storm for outsourcing. In the article, Ferrara notes that “organizations fear losing control because the print shop is not within arm’s length, but the security, output quality, and efficient manufacturing controls implemented by top tier service providers” overcome traditional exceptions for most organizations.

DataOceans understands that most organizations are looking to reduce their costs of printing. Between enhancing the technological base from which you start, and standardizing output and consumables, organizations of all sizes are able to achieve lower costs. In addition, companies better position themselves to outsource print and can respond to  changes in the print landscape if the economics of their current relationship should change. DataOceans has extensive experience in helping its clients secure better print pricing through existing or new print relationships.

To learn more about how DataOceans can help optimize your print environment, click here to schedule a demo. To read the full article by Gina Ferrara, click here.

About DataOceans

DataOceans offers customer communications management solutions that help companies across multiple industries improve existing customer communications, including billing and invoicing for print, portal, tablet and phone deliveries.  These newly transformed customer communications can be implemented in 90-120 days without significant involvement of client IT resources and offer interactive experiences, personalization, and highly-targeted ads with a focus on increasing revenue and decreasing costs.

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