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Opportunities Exist for Traditional Print Service Providers

Opportunities Exist for Traditional Print Service Providers

Opportunities Exist for Traditional Print Service Providers

cover of Mailing Systems Technology magazine

ATLANTA, GA – On September 10th, 2015, Mailing Systems Technology released its September-October, Graph Expo issue. This issue features a number of articles that are relevant to our space, including an article by Madison Advisors’ Randy Beals and Gina Ferrara. The article discusses current trends in Customer Communications Management (CCM) and how Print Service Providers can and should take advantage of existing customer relationships and expand their services offering beyond traditional print and mail.

Gina and Randy point out that, while print is becoming a commoditized business, Print Service Providers would be well served to execute a strategic pivot to reposition themselves as CCM Technology Providers and expand revenue by leveraging existing client relationships. Here at DataOceans, we have seen significant interest in our CCM Technology Platform including our ePresentment products from Print Service Providers and customers alike. We believe that ePresentment offers a richer, more engaging customer experience and will supplant a large volume of printed communications as it gains support from customers and corporations.

About DataOceans

DataOceans offers customer communications management solutions that help companies across multiple industries improve existing customer communications, including billing and invoicing for print, portal, tablet and phone deliveries.  These newly transformed customer communications can be implemented in 90 days without significant involvement of client IT resources and offer interactive experiences, personalization, highly-targeted ads with a focus on increasing revenue and decreasing costs.

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