Marketing Personalization Fails to Meet Expectations

Marketing Personalization Fails to Meet Expectations

Marketing personalization is a key focus area for many organizations who are looking for faster results and better returns out of their marketing budgets. To that end, a article recently posed a question to gauge the successful implementation of marketing personalization efforts: “Are marketers pleased with how they are personalizing their email, Web, and mobile marketing efforts?” They reported on the results of a survey conducted by Evergage which identified that 96% of marketers believe that “personalization helps advance customer relationships” to some degree but a large majority of these same people (75%) gave themselves a B or C rating in their ability to personalize content to their customer base.

Marketing Personalization Ratings

The answer to the question posed in the article is a rough bell curve distribution with most marketers only “Moderately Satisfied” with the level of personalization of their marketing content. All told, only 30% of surveyed marketers were “Very Satisfied” or “Extremely Satisfied” with their capabilities, while the rest feel there is room for improvement.

Despite the mountains of data contained in core systems and CRMs, many marketers do not have actionable access to this data. Compounding this issue, marketers also lack the capability to systematically act on the data that they do have. These factors can force marketers to limit the scope of their personalization efforts or delay acting on information because their systems are inflexible or overly cumbersome.

What marketers need is business empowerment – the ability to access the data at hand AND act on it through a simple tool that gives business owners control over content being delivered to the customer, not IT. Without this capability, marketers will remain in their “Moderately Satisfied” bucket and will be incapable of the increased personalization that they want to deliver.

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