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Inlet Predicts Rise in Digital Communications for Utilities

Inlet Predicts Rise in Digital Communications for Utilities

Inlet Predicts Rise in Digital Communications for Utilities

Utilities communication on a mobile device

In a press release on September 14th, Inlet announced the results of two separate studies based on surveys of 3000 customers and 115 industry representatives. The studies, done in collaboration with research and media company Zpryme, revealed that utilities are focused on improving and expanding the digital customer experience in response to growing customer demand for mobile and digital interaction channels. According to Zpryme research director H. Christine Richards, “65% of utility respondents agree that improving the customer’s digital experience is a high priority.” Similarly, Inlet Vice President and General Manager Christopher Johnson highlighted the impact of millennials in saying that “utilities realize that millennials are a significant audience and that meeting their needs will require more digital integration.”

Similar trends are impacting the banking and insurance industries, and utilities may be feeling the impact of increased digital customer interactions in these and other industries. DataOceans Chief Strategy Officer Dave Hickson says that, “customers no longer compare their experiences within industry verticals, but instead compare their experience with your company to the best experience they have ever had – and that now certainly includes digital interactions.” As utilities begin to focus on digital communications, it is important that they take a unified approach to customer communications. Technology advances now enable business users to deliver targeted content direct to the consumer, across all devices, through responsive design and HTML5 capabilities. This greatly improves the customer experience while also allowing utilities to deliver valuable messages to their customers on the devices they want to use.

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