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The Importance of Embedded Payments on Consumer Platforms

The Importance of Embedded Payments on Consumer Platforms

A 2016 article by Kurt Bilafer, global vice president sales & success for WePay, highlights many trends in business, primarily focusing on the concept that growing trends (social networks, sharing apps, or SaaS, among others) are relying on “scalable online platform(s) connecting people and ecosystems” to solve a business need. Mr. Bilafer expands on this line of thinking by calling for the need to further broaden traditional consumer-facing platforms by integrating intuitive payment capabilities. He argues that this will serve to improve the customer experience by reducing hassle, improving security, and eliminating friction points that have bothered consumers in the past.

Mr. Bilafer discusses several approaches that can be used to improve platform development in this article, which can be read in its entirety at this link.

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