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DataOceans Announces Relationship with Leading Print Service Provider

DataOceans Announces Relationship with Leading Print Service Provider

ATLANTA, GA – June 6, 2016

DataOceans is pleased to announce that, after a period of due diligence, it has closed a deal to provide Customer Communications Management services for a large Print Service Provider (PSP). DataOceans will be enabling a best-in-class customer experience through the implementation of its OceanusTM platform. As a part of this implementation, DataOceans will initially provide services for approximately 600,000 customers per month.

“This engagement represents a shift in focus for Print Service Providers,” says DataOceans Chief Revenue Officer Randy Beals. “By taking a wider view of customer communications, instead of focusing solely on print, this printer is pivoting from competing in a commodity business to focusing on more value-added services.”

About DataOceans

DataOceans offers customer communications management solutions that help companies across multiple industries improve existing customer communications, including billing and invoicing for print, portal, tablet and phone deliveries.  These newly transformed customer communications can be implemented in 90-120 days without significant involvement of client IT resources and offer interactive experiences, personalization, and highly-targeted ads with a focus on increasing revenue and decreasing costs.

Visit www.DataOceans.com for more information about the company and its products.