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DataOceans featured in Madison Advisors CCM Hosted Managed Service Study

DataOceans featured in Madison Advisors CCM Hosted Managed Service Study

DataOceans featured in Madison Advisors CCM Hosted Managed Service Study

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Madison Advisors has released an update to its 2013 study on Customer Communications Management (CCM) cloud providers. In it, Madison Advisors examines the benefits of leveraging a Hosted Managed Service (HMS) offering to streamline customer communications operations and achieve the ROI and strategic outcomes that companies seek. The study profiles DataOceans as one of three leaders in the CCM space, highlights the challenges that internal IT and Operations organizations face, and offers suggestions on how a hosted delivery model for CCM can improve operational efficiency and success. The study also examines which companies and industries would benefit from leveraging a CCM HMS approach.

Madison Advisors highlights seven “Essential Components of CCM HMS” that are necessary “to manage the complete end-to-end customer communications lifecycle” while also examining the evolution of CCM as a Hosted Managed Service and future trends. To read Madison Advisors’ press release, click here. For more information about the report, please contact info@dataoceans.com.

“Madison Advisors has re-defined the landscape for CCM as a Hosted Managed Service in this new paper,” says Randy Beals, Chief Revenue Officer of DataOceans. “DataOceans is proud to be featured as a leader in this space, and we look forward to helping new and existing clients to understand and execute on this service model and provide a better link between our clients and their customers.”

About DataOceans

DataOceans offers customer communications management solutions, delivered as a managed service, that help companies across multiple industries improve existing customer communications, including billing and invoicing, for print, portal, tablet and phone deliveries.  These newly transformed customer communications can be implemented in as little as 90 -120 days without significant involvement of client IT resources and offer interactive experiences, personalization, highly-targeted ads with a focus on increasing revenue, decreasing costs, and improving customer experience and retention.

About Madison Advisors

Madison Advisors is built on honesty and integrity. With over 1000 engagements, over the past 10 years, Madison Advisors provides thought leadership, strategic consulting, and market research to clients in the customer communications management (CCM)electronic delivery, and print industries. Madison Advisors’ industry-neutral expertise enables enterprise organizations, service providers, and technology providers to achieve their strategic objectives around customer communications and publishing services.

Visit www.DataOceans.com and www.madison-advisors.com for more information about the companies and their products.