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DataOceans Expands Business Empowerment for Document Composition and Targeted Marketing


DataOceans Expands “Business Empowerment” for Document Composition and Targeted Marketing

DataOceans, LLC, a leading provider of software solutions and services that help customers in the banking, healthcare, utility, broadband and communications industries unlock data from multiple existing systems to create and deliver newly enhanced and highly personalized full-color, interactive documents, such as bills, statements, invoices, and notices, today announced upgrades to its existing electronic delivery and interactive PDF (iPDF) capabilities.

DataOceans has enhanced its offerings for document composition and TCM (Targeted Cross Marketing or Targeted Content Management) to facilitate control of both applications by the business lines versus IT (Information Technology) groups in medium to large corporations.

In many large corporations the wait for a meeting with IT to discuss document and marketing change requests and prioritization can take several weeks or in some cases, even months. Then, IT needs weeks or more to digest the request from the business lines that that own customer-facing documents and marketing operations before IT can provide an estimate (time, costs, priority) of implement each request. And often, several months later, the changes or enhancements to documents and marketing are completed.

With the new enhancements to DataOceans’ VisualPDF for Document Composition and TCM for Marketing and Messaging, control is now passed to the business line leaders thus dramatically shortening document and marketing/messaging change cycle-times, improving control and providing the business lines with more accuracy of the look and feel of documents and marketing. Using the VisualPDF and TCM UI’s (User Interfaces), a business analyst with a light technical background can make changes in minutes vs. weeks, months, and in some cases, quarters.

Chien Hsiung, Chief Architect at DataOceans, describes the enhancement as “Business Empowerment” and recognized the need for it several years ago, e.g. a layer between IT and business, that empowers business to have thought and implementation control over customer-facing documents and messaging and marketing without the bureaucracy and struggle for human capital and enterprise priority competition.

About DataOceans

DataOceans offers products and services that help companies across many industries improve the look and feel of existing print and electronic customer-facing documents. The company’s print, portal, email and mobile delivery options offer multiple, or omni-channel, modalities resulting in significant cost savings, improved customer self-help and a delightful overall customer service experience.

In addition, DataOceans provides data transformation services that allow businesses to create data-driven, eDelivered interactive documents containing highly-targeted, personalized communications and marketing messages that can increase their revenue and decrease calls to their customer call centers. The solutions can be bundled with a variety of payment offerings which include straight through processing, ACH, credit card, and mobile payments. These powerful solutions can be implemented by Data Ocean’s clients in 90 days, without significant involvement of our client’s IT resources.

Visit www.DataOceans.com for more information about the company and its products.